Sorry it has been a while! Goodness me, well, what have I been up to?

January saw a third lockdown start here in England and these are quite difficult, though necessary; with all of us at home, it can be harder to do artwork so my projects have been slower recently.... however I have been able to keep going. So here we are in May... I have now completed quite a large Art project which will be revealed later this year... oh it took ages, but all the final tweaks and adjustments were necessary.

I am preparing for the next projects now and of course, sketchbook practice is essential to keep me going as I get ready for the next projects; here is today's little sketch; little woodmice and sparrows have been visiting the garden - I only get to see them for a few seconds, so it is good for observation. Today I decided to do some little wet-into-wet watercolour sketches. 

I have also had a go at adding a reel of one of my Paintings to Instagram so here is a link: https://www.instagram.com/christianpaintings888/reels/