Needing More Reference!

Quite often when I work on a painting, I find I need more reference imagery to help me with details. I am currently working on a digital painting of a scene in Heaven; the painting will include God, two children and various Angels. I was starting to get stuck and needed more inspiration to help me continue.

This time, one of my problems was how the scene would be lit and how the figures would be positioned, so I set up some little reference models and lit them to give me information about the lighting in the scene… I needed to see where the lighting would fall in the scene, where the Angels might be positioned, how the Angels might pose and how their wings might look. I am very grateful to God for the inspiration I am also given; sometimes I get a very quick image in my mind that relates to a painting I am working on, or will work on in the future, which helps me with the Artwork, so I jot it down in my sketchbook and then I can use this later on in my Artwork.

So here is my reference image; I made paper wings for the Angels, then I had to light and position each Angel separately and I used photoshop to pull all the reference photos together. God is wearing a white Robe in the painting, so I sewed this little robe for this model figure using some fabric I had left over from other sewing projects … I really would prefer a white robe for the reference, however I didn’t have any white fabric available, still, I am glad I can see where the light would fall on the robe.

Lit models Referencejpg