Artwork in Progress; Jesus, the Image of God

Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation,” Colossians 1:15

I am gradually learning to use some new digital art software, it is called “Clip Studio” I really like it. It is taking me some time to become familiar with the features, but it’s good to be learning something new. I am painting the face of Jesus Christ, and it’s taking me a while. Here are some images of my progress:

Jesus 1jpg
This is one of my first attempts to digitally ‘paint’ Jesus… I was fairly happy, but he really needed lights in his eyes and I felt his face didn’t have enough depth.

Jesus 2jpg
So here I had added more details to the hair, lights to the eyes and a chair and halo effect behind him, but I still felt that his face didn’t have enough depth and wanted to try again…

Jesus 3jpg
So here is another attempt; the line on his forehead is the shadow from his crown, which is on another layer… this attempt seemed OK until I zoomed out and then it really didn’t work and needed more alterations… the digital painting technique was coming on though… bit by bit… on this screen grab you can also see the digital workspace, I’m using a lot of layers.

Jesus 4jpg
This is a bit better, I altered his mouth, slimmed down his face, added darker shades, evened out his cheeks and added the crown… so far the crown looks far too digital for my liking (if that makes sense)… the crown needs more work and more fine detail and brush strokes and more light at the sides, which would reflect from the halo.

Jesus 5jpg
So here I had tried to give the effect of some of the hair coming back from the face and light shining on both sides of the face.

Jesus 6jpg
So here I added more light to the eyes so that they glow. I must also alter the shape of the crown. I realise it is now too wide. so there’s plenty for me to be getting on with… Also I feel the light on the sides of the face is too ‘smudgy’; I used the airbrush tool and it think I’ll probably need to use a different paintbrush tool, perhaps the oil paint brush…