2nd April 2020

Everything has changed very quickly and suddenly we find our country and the world in the middle of an epidemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is here.

Many people are now home and the Government and the NHS staff and frontline workers are all working very hard to combat the spread of the virus. I am able to paint at home and also find myself doing some home schooling and various other tasks at home, which is all quite unexpected. In the middle of all the worry I needed a bit of hope. So I have painted a couple of mini projects today just as something to feel more hopeful of the future as we are all experiencing this storm.

So here is a little Angel Garden Ornament I purchased for just £1... as it was holding a heart I decided to paint it ... so this is now my little 'Coronavirus Kindness Angel'... a bit of hope in this darkness.

Corona-Kindness-Angel-beforejpg              Corona-Kindness-Angel-Afterjpg

... And this is a little hanging heart I painted for hope ...


Stay safe and well everyone.