13th November 2019

Here is a photograph taken of me and my friends whilst filming for... The BBC One Show!!!

 I am scheduled to be featured on the BBC One Show this evening, BBC 1, 7pm to 7:30pm... because it is... Interfaith Week 2019! Thank you to the BBC for this wonderful opportunity.

I will be featured on the BBC One Show this evening, with two other female Artists of Faith, Farah and Philly; two lovely fellow female Artists and it has been so lovely to be able to chat about Art and our faiths with one another.

We created three Artworks on the day and these are being exhibited at different faith locations in Glasgow, they have already been exhibited at the Sikh Gurdwara; the Sikh Temple which I was kindly invited to visit once filming had finished. The artworks are also due to be exhibited in a local school and a Sunday Church Service. The day we were filmed was a really special day of love, kindness and faith and we had a really lovely filming crew up in Glasgow, they were so kind and helpful and put us all at ease.

To find out more, catch the BBC One Show today from 7pm on BBC 1! ....