I am a UK Artist and Illustrator, specialising in Christian Artworks. I have been featured on the BBC One Show as an Artist of Faith. I have worked on various commissions and sell my Artwork nationally and internationally, my clients include Your M & S Magazine, Fylde Borough Council, Pendle Productions, Blue Phoenix Web Design. My children's book , 'Mayfly' was published on uTales.com, my Viking paintings have been featured in the literature of Dr.Steve Harding BA, MA, DSc (Oxon) Nottingham University. I am also a Zazzle Pro-Designer.

About my Christian Art: 

My true conversion to the Christian faith came in Autumn 2012, following a prayer apologising for previous sins and a decision to follow God and Christianity exclusively for the rest of my life:

“I came to truly know God in Autumn 2012. I hadn’t truly understood what people meant when they talked about profound religious experiences before then. I’d encountered a wide variety of religions and spiritual practices over the years and also gone to Church, but this was very different. I was amazed that God is actually real and cares very much about the world and ourselves. But what did I know about Christianity? Not enough, so I decided to read the Bible and also the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books and gradually I learnt more and more about Christianity (...a task I am still undertaking.) I researched the history of Christianity , the different denominations within Christianity and talked to God about it each day.

 For a while, though I am an Artist and Illustrator I was very unsure about creating religious paintings, but as I have read more and more Bible verses and scriptures I have personally come to see religious art as illustrations to help us understand God and his word more fully. Like the pictures in a children’s book, an illustration can communicate many words and concepts and can speak across language barriers. I see Art and Illustration as a very powerful means of communication and hope to communicate my faith through my art work.”

I am very grateful for all the sales of the images of my artwork on merchandise, posters and prints I have had over the years and also for the sales of my original paintings. Thank you ever so much to each and every customer.