I am a UK Artist and Illustrator and specialising in Christian Artworks that express my Catholic Faith. I have been featured on the BBC One Show as an Artist of Faith. I have worked on various commissions and sell my Artwork nationally and internationally, my clients include Your M & S Magazine, Fylde Borough Council, Pendle Productions, Blue Phoenix Web Design. My children's book , 'Mayfly' was published on uTales.com, my Viking paintings have been featured in the literature of Dr.Steve Harding BA, MA, DSc (Oxon) Nottingham University. I am also a Zazzle Pro-Designer.

About my Christian Art: 

My true conversion to Christianity came in Autumn 2012, following a prayer apologising for previous sins and a decision to follow God and Christianity exclusively for the rest of my life:

“I came to truly know God in Autumn 2012. I hadn’t really understood what people meant when they talked about profound religious experiences before then; I’d encountered a wide variety of religions and spiritual practices over the years and I had also gone to Church, but I had not been fully committed to God. With my unexpectedly strong conversion experience, came new feelings and perceptions of the world around me.... God really came into my life ...as they say! 

I was amazed that God is actually real and cares very much about the world and ourselves. But what did I know about Christianity? Not enough at all, so I decided to read the Bible and also the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical Books from different denominations within Christianity. This task took me three and a half years and as I read the scriptures, images would come to mind; often these became the inspiration for my Christian paintings. 

I found my Christian Art became a wonderful outlet for my faith. Over the years, I have come to view religious art as a valuable aid to help us understand God and his word more fully. Like the pictures in a children’s book, an illustration can communicate many words and concepts and can speak across language barriers. I see Art and Illustration as a very powerful means of communication.

I spent ten years researching the different denominations within Christianity and became a member of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Mass, 2023."