15th April 2019
It is almost Easter, so I will be taking a little Easter holiday. 


Happy Easter Everyone!
18th March 2019
I have been working on three paintings of Christian Saints. It has been a very challenging project and is on-going. I have also been working on a romantic painting of a young couple. I am also just about to start working on a new Bible-verse inspired Christian Painting. I have been working in watercolour and guache for a while recently, using stretched watercolour paper,  however, I also like to work with acrylics, painting on stretched canvas. 

8th February 2019
I am very busy at the moment, working on a big project. 

21st January 2019

Welcome to my new website... I had to build a new website as my old website was rather out of date ... with the advances in technology my poor old website was going to start showing it's age, so here we are with the new website.  Technology moves on so fast! 

Thanks ever so much for visiting.