2nd April 2020

Everything has changed very quickly and suddenly we find our country and the world in the middle of an epidemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is here. 

Many people are now home and the Government and the NHS staff and frontline workers are all working very hard to combat the spread of the virus. I am able to paint at home and also find myself doing some home schooling and various other tasks at home, which is all quite unexpected. In the middle of all the worry I needed a bit of hope. So I have painted a couple of mini projects today just as something to feel more hopeful of the future as we are all experiencing this storm. 

So here is a little Angel Garden Ornament I purchased for just £1... as it was holding a heart I decided to paint it ... so this is now my little 'Coronavirus Kindness Angel'... a bit of hope in this darkness. 

Corona-Kindness-Angel-beforejpg              Corona-Kindness-Angel-Afterjpg

... And this is a little hanging heart I painted for hope ... 


Stay safe and well everyone. 

7th February 2020

I am working on two new paintings; a Diptych. I have drawn the preliminary sketches and researched the scriptures and have also completed the pencil visuals and painted rough watercolours to plan the lighting and colour schemes for each painting, so there is a lot of work involved. 

14th November 2019

150jpg                                151jpg

I was featured on the BBC's One Show last night, for Interfaith Week 2019..  Here is a link; ... @bbciplayer (the One Show 13th November 2019) I am featured as an Artist of Faith with my friends, Farah and Philly at 51 minutes into the show. Thank you to the BBC and thank you Farah and Philly,  Jolene, Cal, Mark and all the team and also thank you to my family for all your help and support. 

13th November 2019

Here is a photograph taken of me and my friends whilst filming for... The BBC One Show!!!


 I am scheduled to be featured on the BBC One Show this evening, BBC 1, 7pm to 7:30pm... because it is... Interfaith Week 2019! Thank you to the BBC for this wonderful opportunity. 

I will be featured on the BBC One Show this evening, with two other female Artists of Faith, Farah and Philly; two lovely fellow female Artists and it has been so lovely to be able to chat about Art and our faiths with one another.

We created three Artworks on the day and these are being exhibited at different faith locations in Glasgow, they have already been exhibited at the Sikh Gurdwara; the Sikh Temple which I was kindly invited to visit once filming had finished.  The artworks are also due to be exhibited in a local school and a Sunday Church Service. The day we were filmed was a really special day of love, kindness and faith and we had a really lovely filming crew up in Glasgow, they were so kind and helpful and put us all at ease.

To find out more, catch the BBC One Show today from 7pm on BBC 1! ....

7th November 2019

New Art Studio (before and after photos) ... 


Though it is a natural process when the kids grow up and brings joy and a sense of accomplishment as a parent, it is also a sad time and one can wonder what to do next ... Our daughter has grown up and has recently moved out, leaving behind a sad, empty bedroom which was in need of decorating... So I worked hard, painting the walls white and painting the floor and the skirting boards burgundy and brown...  At which point I was feeling absolutely sick of decorating! ... Eventually it was time to treat the room to new curtains and rugs and install my Artwork and treat myself to a decent sized work table... I had a tiny room before and it was tricky sometimes to do Art tasks and the size of the room also restricted the size of paintings I could do, so this is a lovely big space to be in now ... So here are some before and after photos of my new Art Studio... Spot the little doggie!

29th October 2019
It is almost Halloween, so here is a little painting I painted some years ago... 


30th July 2019
Inspired by scripture, here is my new work:  Jesus Christ in the Clouds and The Woman of Revelation, a set of two Paintings, Diptych...


22nd July 2019
I have been gradually adding my Artwork for sale to two more websites; Ebay and Saatchi Art. This process takes time. Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries about Artworks for sale. 

I have also almost finished the Diptych, the two paintings have taken a long time to complete and have presented various challenges.  

8th June 2019
I am working on two new paintings. They will be a Diptych.

Also, it is Pentecost tomorrow; Happy Pentecost! 

small Happy Pentecost Jennyjpg

6th May 2019
I have been working on a collaborative project with two other Faith-Inspired Artists. We have been working with the BBC and the whole experience has been very exciting and I have met such wonderful people. I cannot give any more details at this point; more information to come in the future... 

23rd April 2019

Easter was nice and we were lucky to have some lovely weather. I have been sketching during the holiday; just quick little pen sketches of people, dogs, vehicles... whatever subject is around me ... I find sketching helps as an exercise to keep the artistic side of my brain working. It is all about observation of the subject in front of me and breaking things down into shapes and measuring distances between different parts of the subject. It reminds me of a book I read years ago; 'Drawing on the Right side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards. It is a great book for artists, with various drawing exercises, I used to practice them quite often. I like to think of sketching as a drawing exercise too.

15th April 2019
It is almost Easter, so I will be taking a little Easter holiday. 


Happy Easter Everyone!
18th March 2019
I have been working on three paintings of Christian Saints. It has been a very challenging project and is on-going. I have also been working on a romantic painting of a young couple. I am also just about to start working on a new Bible-verse inspired Christian Painting. I have been working in watercolour and guache for a while recently, using stretched watercolour paper,  however, I also like to work with acrylics, painting on stretched canvas. 

8th February 2019
I am very busy at the moment, working on a big project. 

21st January 2019

Welcome to my new website... I had to build a new website as my old website was rather out of date ... with the advances in technology my poor old website was going to start showing it's age, so here we are with the new website.  Technology moves on so fast! 

Thanks ever so much for visiting.